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This is a multi page contract and Buyer(s) must initial all pages and both Seller and Buyer(s) must sign and date the last pages.

Price of Pomeranian: $___________ Plus Shipping: $_________  Total Price: $__________
Sex: _______   D.O.B. _______________ 
Color: _______________________________
Dam: ___________________________ Reg.#_________________
Sire: ____________________________ Reg.: #_________________
Puppy's Name____________________________________


The following agreement is between Sheila and/or Andrew Wray; hereafter referred to as “Seller,” and _____________________________________, hereafter referred to as “Buyer(s).”

The price of this Pomeranian is $__________.    A non-refundable deposit of  $__________ is being accepted by Petticoat Poms to hold said puppy until it is at least 8-12 wks. of age; when Seller feels this individual pup is Physically and Emotionally ready to go to its new family.   
Balance of $_________ is due prior to release of pup. (5 business days prior to shipping or pickup) 

Buyer(s) is/are aware that the Pomeranian is sold with no warranties, either expressed or implied, in an “AS IS” condition with no guaranties other than those stated herein.  

________Seller reserves the right to cancel the sale at any point for any reason if we feel it is in the best interest of our puppy and our business name.  In such an event,  Seller would refund all monies collected to that point. 

Once the Pomeranian is turned over to Vendor, (Airline, buyer, or other appointed individual) who is responsible for transportation the Pomeranian is then under the “Buyers” control and sole responsibility of the Buyer.  Notice of any problems with said Pomeranian MUST be made within 24 hours of purchase.  See terms and conditions below.  Seller is not responsible for any conditions or illness, which can occur or can be attributed to transportation by Vendor.  Any external or internal parasites, upper respiratory illness, emotional distress, physical trauma or hypoglycemia, which can be brought on or passed on through shipping procedures used by the airlines are not the responsibility of the seller.  This is the reason for the health certificate provided by the veterinarian before travel can proceed, as only healthy animals can receive an Official Health Certificate. Any shots, wormings, and vet appts will be noted on an individual form that will be in the final puppy pack.

1. ______ This Pomeranian is being sold as a “Pet Quality Only.”  The Seller assumes no responsibility as to the breeding or show capabilities of this Pomeranian.  Furthermore no guarantees are made to the final color, size, and coat type, ear erection, descending testicles in males, bite, patella’s, temperament or trainability of the Pomeranian. In addition there are no guarantees for “bite” issues especially when retained puppy teeth have compromised the “final bite”  --they should be removed after 7 months as to not jeopardize the over all teeth alignment and “bite”.  There are no guarantees on males being sold before the age of 6 months, in regard to 2 testicles descending into the scrotum. Males mature at different rates, with some descending later, some earlier, and some retain one or both testis. If the male is being sold after 6 months of age, we guarantee there to be 2 testicles descended into the scrotum at the time of sale.

2. _____ Buyer agrees to have Pomeranian examined by Veterinarian of his/her choice within 48-hours after receipt at Buyer’s expense.  If upon examination the Veterinarian finds a problem with said Pomeranian, which is a definite congenital defect or problem that is life threatening to the puppy, Seller will replace this Pomeranian with another of equal value when one becomes available.   
If Buyer's Veterinary exam reveals a life threatening condition related to the heart or lungs then a second Veterinary professional at a facility NOT in any way connected with the initial facility rendering diagnosis must validate these findings.  Retained testicles, umbilical hernias, luxating patellas (luxating patellas are not always a genetic issue, they can be caused by obesity, or injury to the leg, and excessive jumping), internal & external parasites, and low grade (1 or under) heart murmurs are not covered as a “LIFE THREATENING PROBLEM”.  HYPOGLYCEMIA IS NOT COVERED AT ALL…, NO EXCEPTIONS! Seller is NOT responsible for any incurred vet expenses or shipping/travel expenses.  If a replacement is in order, Buyer will notify Seller by phone, within 24 hours and return this Pomeranian within 48 hours of the Veterinarian’s visit—NO EXCEPTIONS, accompanied with all ORIGINAL paperwork from the sale.  Buyer MUST include a copy of the Veterinarian examination report stating the health problem.  Seller reserves the right to have the Pomeranian examined by a Veterinarian of choice before exchange of Pomeranian is made for another opinion.  Buyer also agrees NOT to fill out any REGISTRATION forms until after the 48-hr. Health Guarantee time has lapsed.   Seller assumes NO responsibility for medical expenditures or legal fees which may occur from conditions out of Seller’s control.

3_____ Pomeranian is guaranteed for 24-hours from date and time of purchase against infectious disease such as Parvo, Corona, and Distemper as long as terms of this contract have been followed.  Because Parvo is such a HIGHLY  contagious disease and the Pomeranian can be exposed to this disease in a public place or even your own property without you knowing, it is extremely important to be cautious where you allow your Pomeranian to go until it is completely safe from the Parvo Virus.   Remember your puppy has only had booster shots to this point, and is not fully protected until the series of injections are complete.  

4._____ Seller will not be responsible for injuries sustained from accidents, trauma, or neglect incurred after the date of sale.  Seller/Buyer hereby states to the best of their knowledge, this Pomeranian is in good health at the time of sale. Seller will not sell a sick puppy or one in question of being ill.  A health certificate will be provided at the time of sale only for puppies that are shipped by airline.  If Buyer wishes to request a Health Certificate the charge will be passed along accordingly and reflected in the contracted price, otherwise the standard Veterinarian Health Check & 48 Hr. Health Guarantee statement will be given.

5. _____ If a major problem has been determined and return of the Pomeranian desired and agreed upon by both parties, a replacement Pomeranian of comparable size and value will  be given to the Buyer, as long as all terms in this contract have been followed. Puppy replacement is the only option.   If a replacement Pomeranian is not available at that time, Buyer will be given a voucher as proof of assurance for receiving another puppy when one becomes available.

6. _____ If this Pomeranian dies within the 48-hour health guarantee period, Buyer will first inform the Seller by phone and then immediately take deceased Pomeranian to a Veterinarian (that is Certified for Autopsy Procedures,) for an autopsy at the Buyers’ expense.  When confirmation of cause of death has been determined, Buyer will contact Seller immediately with the results. And a report from the examiner will be provided by fax.  If Seller disagrees with Buyers’ Veterinarian, or just wants a second opinion, Seller reserves the right to take or send the deceased Pomeranian to a Veterinarian of Sellers’ choice for an autopsy at Sellers’ expense to determine if the two veterinarians agree on the cause of death.  If both agree that puppies’ death was a result of an illness that was contracted prior to the time of sale, provided that no signs of abuse, trauma, injury of any kind, or neglect are found, a replacement Pomeranian will be provided to the Buyer.  A replacement puppy is the only option.  Seller assumes no financial responsibilities incurred by Buyer in determining cause of death, other than in the event of a second opinion.

7. _____ A Pomeranian that gets sick, and/or dies due to low blood sugar also known as (HYPOGLYCEMIA) is NOT covered in this contract.  Seller assumes no responsibility once the pup has left Sellers care.  Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a condition not a disease.  It is very common in toy breeds.  It can be a very serious problem, however it can be prevented.  Make sure that your puppy has food and water at all times!  And watch to make sure it is eating.   Pomeranians are pretty delicate and they can have Hypoglycemia brought on by not eating properly, too much stress, improper handling (such as excessive or aggressive), neglect, or other factors

8. _______The sole Jurisdiction, Venue, and Attorney’s fees in any way connected to this contract shall be Hays County, Wimberley, Texas. 

 Having read the above and with full understanding of the contents herein, by signing below, both parties are bound by this contract agreement.

Buyers Printed Name: _____________________________________________

Buyers Signature: ____________________________________Date_________

Buyers Address: __________________________________________________

 City:_________________________________   State:______     Zip:__________

Buyers E-Mail Address:  ___________________________________

Buyers Phones:  Home_______________ Wk________________ Cell________________

Sheila or Andrew Wray: _____________________________________ 
Date: _______________

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