1. Before you contact us, please read our 6 terms of agreement in full. If you email us and do not mention that you have read and agree to the "6 terms of agreement", regretfully, I will not contact you.​​​​

2. Please include a phone number that you wish to be contacted by. After our initial phone call, where I am assured that you are a real person with sincere interest, not some silly scammer, then future communication can be by email, phone, or text. (What ever is easiest.)

3. If you are new to Poms, please do your own research to decide if this is the breed for you. Your research needs to be THOROUGH and from an unbiased party. Consulting a veterinarian, inquiring of other Pom owners, and surfing the web are good places to begin. It's clear by my Pom passion that personally, I believe Poms to be the most incredible small breed canine. :)

4. If you are a first time dog owner, you need to research "house training" before purchasing a puppy. And, no, we do NOT house train puppies before they leave. Why? Because they typically leave about the time they are developmenatlly ready to learn to hold their bladder and bowel. House training is the job of the new owners. There are as many different methods to house train your pet as there are to parent children or cook chicken. Before you add a tiny, totally-dependent, furbaby to your life, you need to know what is required to provide for its health, longevity of life, and daily care. Discuss with a veterinarian reasonable expectations per its size and age. My commitment is to raise happy, well-socialized, healthy little puppies and to carefully place them in well prepared and educated homes.

5. Finally, it must be understood that we are extremely conscientious in our breeding program. Though we only breed healthy, well-adjusted parent Pomeranians, we cannot guarantee anything beyond what we vaccinate against. Genetics are far too complicated for us to foresee the future health of any puppy. The same is said about their final physical appearance: coat density, ear size, muzzle length, and body weight. We use our best judgement in deciding the adult size of our puppies. If your satisfaction with a Pom lies largely in the finished scale weight at maturity, we are not the breeder for you. We want only homes that are looking for pet quality canine companionship that are committed to loving their puppy for LIFE.

​6. When we do expect a puppy to be considered a fragile TEACUP sized adult, we will only place it in a home that we think will be best for its health and safety. This is not to be offensive but to protect the puppy. Out of the many homes that seek a TINY Pom, there are really very few that we think are good matches. I do not pry into lifestyle to be nosey but to make sure we are choosing a good placement for a teacup Pom.

If you have read our "6 terms of agreement" feel free to contact us, referencing that you understand and agree to them. You are able to "meet" us on our About Us page link. I am a busy mom, but rest assured a real person, not interested in scams or scamming. I will reply within the hour.  
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