My name is Sheila Wray, the founder and manager of Petticoat Poms, a home based hobby kennel. We are located in the small town of Wimberley, Texas, situated in the heart of the beautiful Texas hill country. Our homestead includes five acres of lush live oak and cedar elm trees with our acreage  securely fenced and divided for the romp and play of our children, Poms, and horses.  Our Petticoat Poms goals are 1) to produce and raise superior quality, registered poms that conform to the breed's high standard and 2) to protect and promote that standardWe sell to private homes exclusively, and under no exception will we allow our dogs to be adopted out to large kennels, pet stores, puppy mills, or any individual who intends to confine them in small dog runs for the bulk of their day. The Poms we are raising are intended for the lifetime of affection and companionship they are eager to give and never so someone can  purchase "Just a dog." Poms, in our estimation, are one of the most intelligent breeds (largely why they are selected for circus performance), most affectionate of breeds, and make wonderful, devoted family pets and personal companions. A few minutes of internet research over the Pomeranian history and breed description is just the beginning of persuasion. A few seconds with one in your lap, will persuade you for LIFE!
Home of Petticoat Poms
Wimberley, Texas
In addition to our plethora of Poms, our homestead family includes Lilly, our girls' stubborn Shetland pony and Miss Molly, our faithful, patient Jersey milk cow. Miss Molly, named for an old Texas fiddle tune, has been the sole responsibility of my two oldest sons, both devoted Texas fiddler musicians. Each week, she donates 28 gallons of pure, unpasteurized liquid gold (from our perspective) for our family's private consumption and for my son's Cow-share dairy business. Photo: Lilly warmly welcomes Molly's little Macho into the world just minutes after his birth. 
Photo: My Petticoat partner sharing treats with some of our fur babies in their 2 1/2 acre playground. What a life! Her second favorite spot is the above ground garden, (fenced area in the upper right of the photo). 
The care and attention our Poms get is very important to us. Because of that we take extra steps to see that they remain healthy and happy. Our adult Poms get annual boosters, rabies, and worming every year. Our puppies are wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks, while receiving shots at ages 6, 9, and 12 (if we hold them that long) before leaving. 
Each and every Pom on our property is treated monthly with Revolution. This step is rather costly, but it assures us we will never battle fleas, our Poms won't spend hours itching, and we will never have to mess with dangerous chemicals for dipping, spraying, or bathing. Revolution also protects dogs from heartworms, roundworms, and a myriad of other internal parasites that they could otherwise fall victim to. 
We feed our dogs 80% raw and 20% high quality dog food, and Royal Canin (small bites for small breeds). Weekly our Poms are given natural pigs ears, turkey jerky, or other favorite chews for the care and manitenance of their teeth. Our dogs are our friends and companions, and because of that, their care and management are high priority. 
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Our animal interest also includes a deep affection for horses. We have Lilly, our Shetland Pony, who gives each rider a test in patience and endurance (Ha!); Shiner, our fantastic bomb proof kid horse who makes us wish we had owned a horse our whole life; Glory, who was our own to break and train under saddle; and also my own personal favorite Horatio, a rare and absolutely gorgeous blue eyed Tobiano paint colt that we are training from the ground up. Our horses and our Poms share our five acres, share our time, and share our hearts. (Photo at left: our new cedar post shelter, complete with Mr. Ed. door)
Our Poms are seen as an integral part of our home life. They depend on us for their daily care, good health, and for meeting their needs of affection and love. Puppies are often bottle fed at round the clock intervals to ensure they are growing properly and getting all the necessary nutrients. Tiny-teacups can even need special care often to their 9th-12th weeks, requiring me to give middle of the night feedings which are remenicent of my own young mothering days. :) We have special "nursery" wards in our home in places like the nook of our dining room and master bath where new mamas and pups are under close supervision. This promotes an environment of security and privacy for them, while at the same time letting them feel included in the family atmosphere.  
A common sight in our neighborhood, is the Wray brood on our family walks. We take up most of the private roadway with a myriad of young bikers, walkers, and Mom with the joggerstroller full of wee ones... always including a different lapful of our adult fur babies who looooove to come along. 
Once our puppies become active, they are given round-pen play time in the shade of our Oak covered yard. Their early puppy-hood is spent in a natual setting, and they are given plenty of freedom to romp, play and explore while being socialized by gentle, careful hands. 
Working with our horses has been one of the most enjoyable hobbies of my life. So much in the training of horses is applicable to the training of any animal... "Make the right thing easy, and make the wrong thing difficult." (By: Clinton Anderson).  I'd been asked before which of my passions is greater, that of my horses or that of my Poms; Yet, I never could give an answer.  The only difference I could see between the two is, one you get to sit on, but the other one you have sit on you! Each requires an exchange of trust and affection, and I'm forever equally fond of BOTH. 
(Me) Sheila and my energetic baby "Bling" 
I realized after reviewing this page, that it really shouldn't be called the "About Us" page, but rather the "About Me" page. Well it boils down to this: the Pom passion and the Paint Horse passion are both MY passions. I happen to be married to the most wonderful man in the world who lets me live out these pursuits, and encourages me in them, in countless ways. This "About Us" page is purely and simply... all because of him
Mama lap time.
Antique roses in full bloom announce yet another one of my outdoor passions: Poms, Paints, and...  perennial gardening. 
Available for adoption
At the center of our family-managed hobby is our ever growing family. I am blessed to have the support and encouragement of my husband, Andrew, as well as the help and devotion of our older children. We, Andrew and Sheila Wray, have five biological children and six adopted children. (Our deep conviction for God's heart toward adoption is something we will eagerly share with any who are interested, and we can be reached through our same Pom contact info on our website any time.)  Our Pom interest began as our oldest sons grew up. For years they were involved in raising New Zealand rabbits, Nubian goats and Jersey cows for competition in the county and city show rings as well as for the sale of their meat and milk. My older daughters now team up with me as my Petticoat Pom partners, to find pleasure in raising something that finally does not belong in the "people" food chain, and it is a hobby that our entire family can take part in.