Our first introduction to dog agility training came by way of one of our past puppy owners, Emma C. when she came to pick up her first Pom puppy, the handsome, cream colored Watson pictured above. This was a hobby she enjoyed with both purebred and rescue dogs for several years. Knowing the high intelligence of the Pom breed, she shared her hope of enjoying agility with her new boy Watson, too. I bombarded Emma with questions and she was so kind to stay in touch, sharing videos, photos and Watson's progress . After we accepted an invitation to watch Watson in action at a nearby agility competition, several of my children were anxious to begin training their own Poms. We are so glad to have met Mrs. Emma, for her passion lit a flame for our own family to take an interest in this incredibly addictive pasttime.  Above are pictures of Watson in his beginning lessons as well as two video link buttons ( below in yellow) that if clicked will show him in action at recent competitions. WAY TO GO Emma and Waton!

Having a BLAST with my BEST (furry) FRIEND. 
Several of our children are involved with their own specific Poms, and one has now completed her first level of agility training with her Pom girl, Paisley (who can be seen on our ladies' page). Paisely was the smallest dog in the class, but handled the weave poles, dog walks, A frame, teeter-totter, hoops, and jumps as good as the Doberman, Border Collies, and Golden that were her canine classmates. We've found agililty training to be incredibly FUN and rewarding for both human and hairy friends and the bonds between Pom and people parents grew stronger. We will update this page as our family progresses and new accomplishments are made.
My daughter and her constant 4 lb. canine companion, Paisley.