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This page was last updated: August 18, 2018
Available for adoption
People often ask me if Poms and cats get along. This is a fun family video we made in answer to that question. It will also let you experience 7 minutes of the activity that goes on in our family and gives you a hint at how well socialized a puppy from our home becomes.
​The puppies in videos below are no longer available. However, we keep these videos up so you get an idea of who we are and how we raise and care for our Poms and puppies. Enjoy!
​We offer shipping in the U.S. only by private pet nanny services that we have worked with for several years. The pet nanny flies with your puppy snuggled in lap and delivers him/her into your hands at your nearest airport. We will connect you to them if you chose this method.
​"Cheesecake" SOLD
​"Cheesecake" is an adorable little female that is still hard to settle on for her color. As her coat comes in we will post it here. As for now, she's either an extremely light orange or a buttery cream. Her DOB 7-  -2018. She has a lovely shaped head and sweet baby faced muzzle with a clear "L- stop" profile. Her eyes are open, and as she gets her puppy coat in and mobile we will post more photos. 
($2200 with registration, $2000 without)
​"Titleist" Deposit Pending
Meet our newest little boy, web- named "Titelist." He was born 7-16-2018, to our creamy little dam, Charmin and our icy white male, Trigger. His nose pigment is filling in and his eyes are now open. He is the sweet little brother to our female, Cheesecake, posted above. We will update photos as he changes to show him as he starts fluffing up.  For serious inquiries, see our Contact Us page for how to inquire about him. ($2200 with registration, $2000 without)