This page was last updated: August 21, 2017
Available for adoption
People often ask me if Poms and cats get along. This is a fun family video we made in answer to that question. It will also let you experience 7 minutes of the activity that goes on in our family and gives you a hint at how well socialized a puppy from our home becomes.
"​Casper"- (I'm available)
We are so happy to be able to offer "Casper" (not his permanent name :) for adoption. He was born on 6/19/17, has received his first round of puppy vaccines, and is now fully weaned. He has an adorable personality and is doing wonderfully! He is tiny muzzled, baby-faced Pom with an ICY WHITE coat. We will not place him in a home with younger children or where he will be left in solitude for long hours of his day, but a home where he will be a treasured pet companion.  Please see our "Contact Us" page for how to inquire about him.