Bling, a beautiful tri colored girl, and her coat... oh boy, it's INCREDIBLE. She is the constant shadow of one of my daughters and is now involved in agility training along with a few of our other Pom treasures. What a bit of bling she sure is!
Ginger Snap

​This is our tri-color mama Flirt who is seen (R) snuggling with our icy white little sire, Trigger (can see more of him on our Gents' Page). On the photo on the (L) she is eating an orange rind dropped by one of my children. Her face shows a funny reaction to the citrus :) 
​Gypsy is a solid black beauty! I can't say enough how excited I am that she is MINE :) I look at her and squeal! She has a coat that is twice the size of her bitty, square frame. She prances like a ballerina and has teeny tiny ears hidden in her budding lion's mane.
​Mystie is a beautiful blue parti merle Pomeranian. She has steely aqua blue eyes, often appearing in her puppies as it is a trait that can be carried with the merle gene. She has an incredible full coat and lovely leg feathering. She is a sweet girl who loves water!

​Gossip is a gorgeous orange sable girl with a distinguished black sable muzzle mask staying on through adulthood. Gossip has a nice square frame, short back, and short baby faced muzzle. We can't wait to see what she produces. She had trouble with her first litter but we are hoping her next will prove successful. 
These two 4 lb. black and tan beauties are double the pleasure in our home. They are both from our own breedings, and only a couple weeks apart. Petticoat (on the left), Paisley (on the right). Both are just sooooo cute-- Giant delights in tiny packages. 
Ginger Snap is named for her lovely ginger color and for her size being about the same as those delicious little cookies. She is the one all remark about, "Wow, we had NO idea how small she was in real life! We want one exactly like HER!" And her tail is INCREDIBLE!
Paisley perched on her favorite spot in the house. 
Retired and spoiled rotten by her new mom in Austin!
​Buttercup is a cream girl with white accents, but basically in her adult coat all that will be noticeable is her small white blaze on her forehead. She has a silly habit of sticking out her tongue and I caught her doing it in both of these photos. She and Gossip, are BFF's and spoiled rotten by my kids!
Available for adoption
1 year
3 years
​Alibli is a black and tan dam with strong white accents, a ring of white wraps around her neck, white stockings and a white splash on her tail.