Meet Pepper. In the photo on the left, doesn't he look like he needs a thought bubble above his head like he's got a mouthful to say? He's showing the typical and continuous Pom smile this breed is so remembered for. He just beams personality. This little boy is a mite of a man at 4 lbs. even. He has a perfect little face, big brown eyes full of emotion, and is icy WHITE and matches up nicely with several of our tiny girls. 

"A successful man is one that can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." David Brinkley
Pedigree information:
Soon, I hope to have made each Sire's pedigree available to view simply by clicking the mouse over his pictures. A few are available now, and more will come as the days pass. 
This page was last updated: March 3, 2016
Available for Adoption
This is officer, a 4.5 lb. son of Petticoat and Sergeant. He is a gorgeous tri colored boy, a black and white parti with tan. His tri markings are his cheeks and eyebrows, a very light tan shade, but are placed so that he truly looks like a teeny, tiny husky. He even has a thin narrow blaze right in the middle of his forehead, my personal favorite tri markings ever :) In the photo on the right, he is looking at his mom, as if to ask, "What is up with this Pharaoh on my back?!" Pharaoh is trying to prove himself boss-man, but his 1/4 lb. of seniority isn't intimidating Officer in the least. 
Meet Splash, aptly named for his eye catching splash of color. He is a 3.5 lb. blue merle boy and the prettiest piece of eye candy we've ever seen. In this photo, he just turned one, so his coat isn't even finished, but just look at him! He is son of Paisley and Pharaoh, grand son of Pepper, China, and Zorro, and great-grand son of Major and Liberty. A family tree of amazing Poms~
​Willy is a darling, barely 4 lbs. red sable boy, with lots of sable decorating his mini muzzle now that his adult coat is beginning to fill in. He has a nice, high set tail that lies like a creamy feather boa on his oh-so-short back. This 2013 will be the first year we see litters from this beautiful boy, and we are really excited!
Retired- Splash's sire. (Pharaoh) Son of China X Zorro
Retired- our beautiful "Sergeant", sire to our newere stud boy "Officer". 
Retired-"Pepper"Sire to our dam, "Paisley", and grandsire to our teeny- tiny merle male, "Splash"