Meet Trigger. He's showing the typical and continuous Pom smile this breed is so remembered for. He just beams personality. This little boy is a mite of a man at 4 lbs. even. He has a perfect little baby face, big brown eyes full of emotion, and is ICY WHITE and matches up nicely with several of our tiny girls. 

This is officer, son of Petticoat and Sergeant. He is a gorgeous tri colored boy, a black and white parti with tan. His tri markings are his cheeks and eyebrows, a very light tan shade, but are placed so that he truly looks like a teeny, tiny husky. He even has a thin narrow blaze right in the middle of his forehead, my personal favorite tri markings ever :) In the photo on the right, he is looking at his mom, as if to ask, "What is up with this Pharaoh on my back?!" Pharaoh is trying to prove himself boss-man, but his 1/4 lb. of seniority isn't intimidating Officer in the least. 
​Willy is a darling, barely 4 lbs. red sable boy, with lots of sable decorating his mini muzzle now that his adult coat is beginning to fill in. He has a nice, high set tail that lies like a creamy feather boa on his oh-so-short back. 
​Little Thunder is our newest little stud boy, ready to produce his first litters. He is a wee 3lbs at maturity, but we are still waiting for his adult coat to come in and will show that in photos this spring of '18. He is a TINY black and tan with gorgeous marking and a prance like a dressage show horse. ADORABLE!